Free PSN Codes Generator & Free PSN Codes – All You Need To Know

Free PSN codes offer the easiest way to get content on the PSN store. Therefore, fans are always on the lookout for free PSN codes to redeem given that the PlayStation Store hosts excellent games and rewards. This is magnified by the fact that Sony’s PlayStation family of consoles and games are undoubtedly some of the most popular gaming content on the planet. Today, we’ll look at everything you need to know about PSN codes, and how you can get yourself some free PSN codes quickly through different methods. Without more delays, let’s get right into it.

What are free PSN Codes?

Free PSN codes are Sony’s answer to redeemable gift cards. Just like other game stores like Epic or the Microsoft Store, PlayStation has its online store teeming with virtual goodies ready to purchase. In addition to cash purchases, Sony offers payments through redeemable vouchers called PSN Cards. These PSN cards contain a redeemable code which you can use to add money to your PSN Wallet. Therefore, PSN Codes are nothing but a fancy way to add funds through gift cards to use on digital content in the PlayStation Store.

Now, although these codes are purchasable through cash, most gamers on a tight budget are looking for ways to get free PSN codes. So, in addition to purchasing the gift cards, there are quite a few ways in which to obtain free PSN codes. Some of the best ways to get free PSN codes are discussed in the upcoming sections.

Using a Free PSN Code Generator That Actually Works

There are numerous free PSN code generators which rarely work, scattered all over the internet. Therefore, we’ve set up our PSN Code generator that actually works to help you get started with some free PSN codes. It’s simple and easy to use and you can get your hands on free PSN codes within minutes. Just follow these steps to ensure you get everything right:

Step 1. Enter your PlayStation Network username. This is used to identify your account and subsequently add funds to it.

Step 2. Next, select the amount you would like to add to your account. After selecting the appropriate amount, hit the confirm button.

Step 3. To protect our systems from bots and scripts, security verification measures are set in place, therefore, once you hit confirm, you might have to pass security verification. If not, then you are lucky and the next window that pops up should deliver your PSN code.

Step 4. If security verification is required, the next window lists several methods that you can follow to complete verification.

Step 5. Once verification is complete, the PSN code for your related amount shows up and you can use your free PSN code to add funds to your wallet.


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How to Redeem My Free PSN Code?

After you’ve gotten your hands on some free PSN codes, you will want to redeem them. There are a few ways you can go about the matter. So next, we’ll be looking at all the PSN code redeeming methods.

Using your web browser

Fire up your computer and launch your favorite web browser. From there, navigate to the official PlayStation website and log into the PlayStation store. Once you’re there, head to the Accounts Section on the left and you’ll find a Redeem Codes button. Hit the button and enter your 12-digit free PSN code. Check the balance on your account to verify if the code has worked or not. From there, it’s up to you to spend it on your favorite games.

Using your PS4

This method works on the PS4 and should be reproducible on the PS5 as well once it comes out. From your console, head to the PlayStation Store. Once you’re in, you’ll find a Redeem Codes option, just like the web version of the store. From there, enter the code and redeem it to add balance to your account. Navigate your way around the store and enjoy purchasing new items.

Using your PS3

Just like the PS4, navigate your way to the PlayStation Store App and scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar to find the Redeem Code button. Hit the button, carefully enter your free PSN code, and funds are added to your account upon success.

Using your PS Vita

Funds can be added to your account through the PS Vita as well. If you own a PS Vita, head to the PlayStation Store from the menu. Then, hit options and look for the Redeem Code button. Here, enter your code, and funds are added to your PlayStation account.

Using your Phone

You can easily add voucher codes and funds to your PlayStation wallet using the PlayStation App. Moreover, it’s much easier than manually typing out the code which in some cases leads to errors. To scan the voucher code, just fire up the app and hit the PS button at the bottom of the screen. From there, navigate to Redeem Codes. Next, the screen will guide you on how to scan the code from either a card or from print. You can also scan right from your computer screen if you have a digital voucher code. Finally, capture the image and your code redemption process is complete. In case you cannot scan the code as per the instructions, you can always revert to manually typing in the 12-digit PSN code into the app to redeem it.

Exchanging Free PSN Codes for Unused Gift Cards

There are several online stores offering gift cards for their users. And so, your quickest way to get free PSN codes would be to trade away some unused cards. These unused cards can be traded in exchange for PSN cards. Then, you can then use your new free PSN codes to get cosmetics and games on your PlayStation account.

Scouring the Internet for a Free PSN Codes List

Often, there are free PSN code lists that get leaked or released on different sites. If you keep a sharp eye out for these, you might find yourself a free PSN code list. There is a downside though, as in most cases, people build and deploy scripts and bots to find these codes. And so, they are quickly used up before another human can get a chance to see them.

To tackle this issue, there have been instances where users on Reddit have coded PSN codes into a post. A robot cannot decipher these codes, thus allowing safely sharing of codes with other human users. Therefore, keep your eye out for these kinds of posts. Eventually, you should stumble upon a free PSN code list which will help you get a new game or item from the PlayStation store.

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Free PSN Code Giveaway Sites & Social Media Accounts with No Surveys

If you stay up-to-date with social media and other sites, you might fall upon some users hosting giveaways for their fans. Complete the required procedures to get your hands on some free PSN codes. Usually, you might have to like, and share the site or accounts associated with the giveaway.

Can I Use PSN Cards in Real Stores?

PSN cards and codes are only redeemable on the PlayStation network. This means that no matter which console you are on, you need to have access to the PlayStation Network. And from there, you should log onto the PlayStation store to redeem your code. You cannot use your PSN cards to buy games, DLC, or make other purchases in a standard game shop. However, you can purchase PSN cards from those game stores if you’ve run out of free PSN codes. This is helpful when need a little extra to get your hands on a new game, or exclusive DLC.

What Can I Get with Free PSN Codes?

Once you use your free PSN codes to redeem PSN Card vouchers, you get access to a plethora of content available on the PlayStation Network. These include:

  • Downloadable Games: You can purchase and download games which are available digitally, right onto your PS4.
  • Game-Add-Ons: DLC and other content for your online games are always exciting. And with your new free PSN code, you can easily purchase the latest cosmetics for your characters. Moreover, you can download special DLC add-ons like stories, chapters, and graphic enhancements once you use a free PSN code.
  • Movies and TV Shows: In addition to games, Sony offers exclusive movies and TV Shows through the PlayStation network. After redeeming your voucher, you can choose to spend some cash on purchasing new movies or re-watching your favorite shows through the PlayStation Network. Moreover, the content is viewable in the comfort of your living room and is streamed through your PlayStation console.
  • PlayStation Plus: PlayStation Plus is designed to enhance your online experience and help you get more free stuff on the PlayStation Network. With PlayStation Plus, you get exclusive access to the newest games, at a cheaper rate than retail, and you can play games online with your friends. Additionally, you also get access to some free games now and then just for being a proud PlayStation Plus member. Be sure to remember that it is a paid subscription, so you will have to keep using your free PSN codes to keep your account balance above the cut-off to pay the 5$ bill every month.

What is a PlayStation Plus Digital Card?

Much like their PSN Card counter-parts, PlayStation Plus Digital Cards are a quick way to set up memberships on your PlayStation Network account. These come in three variants:

  1. 1 Month Membership
  2. 3 Month Membership
  3. 12 Month Membership

Through these memberships, you get access to all the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus subscriber, including free games and exclusive discounts. Therefore, you can easily use a PSN code generator which actually works to generate PlayStation Plus Digital Membership cards to either add a PlayStation Plus membership to your account or gift the redeemable code to a friend to use.

The 12-month member is the most expensive of the bunch and costs around 59.99 dollars a month. However, given the value of the purchase and all the exclusive content you will get access to, it is well worth the investment. This is especially true when you take into consideration the 24.99 dollars 3-month subscription and 9.99 dollars 1-month subscription.

What are the benefits of a PlayStation Plus Membership?

There are several great benefits you unlock when you purchase a PlayStation Plus membership. These include:

  • You can play online with other friends who own a PS4 with the online multiplayer system.
  • Free Monthly Games access to exclusive games only free to PlayStation Plus Members.
  • You get huge price cuts and discounts on selected games available in the PlayStation Store.
  • Automatic Game Updates are ensured with the membership. Therefore, you will have access to all the latest game updates, patches, and fixes.
  • Keep a safe backup of all your save files. With this premium membership, PlayStation stores 1 GB of save files from your PS4, 1 GB from your PS3, and another 1 GB from your PlayStation Vita.
  • SharePlay lets you share your games with your friends and families over fixed time slots daily, allowing you to expand your gaming library without having to purchase more games.

To get a feel for all the various benefits offered by PlayStation Plus before using the founds you gained by using free PSN codes, you can go through a 14 Day free trial. Throughout the 14 days, PlayStation treats you as one of the valued PlayStation Plus members. And so, you get access to everything the subscription has to offer. To set this up, make sure that you have a new PlayStation account. Then, provide your appropriate billing and card information to sign up for the 14-day trial.

If the offers and benefits are not for you, you can always cancel at the end of the 14-day trial. Be sure to cancel though, as once you sign up for it, the auto-renewal of the subscription system might hit you with unforeseen charges.

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What are the Types of PlayStation Cash Cards?

These are the main PlayStation Cash Cards you can get free PSN codes for:

  1. $10 PlayStation Store Cash Card
  2. $20 PlayStation Store Cash Card
  3. $50 PlayStation Store Cash Card
  4. $60 PlayStation Store Cash Card
  5. $75 PlayStation Store Cash Card
  6. $100 PlayStation Store Cash Card

All variants have identical looking codes; however, you should always aim for the higher ones to reap the greatest rewards. All these cards add the listed amount to your account’s balance, which is easily spent to purchase games, movies, and other digital content.

Age Limit for PSN Codes and Wallet Funds

If you are under the age of 18, you need to take a few extra steps before you can redeem your free PSN code. For underage accounts, PlayStation Wallets are not accessible, therefore, you cannot add funds directly to your account by redeeming PSN codes. However, in these cases, you should instead rely on a Family Manager account handled by an adult. Here, ask them to set up a PlayStation Wallet, and set a monthly spending limit. Then, share the free PSN code with them, so that they may redeem the code and add funds to the account. Then you can easily spend funds from their wallet using your account.

In addition to funds, there is a restriction with PlayStation Plus Membership cards as well. Although you will have access to multiplayer and other online content through the PlayStation Plus Membership, since your account is below the age limit, a lot of content will be age-gated. That is, multiplayer games and other content will be less accessible. However, once these restrictions are lifted through the parental settings in the Family Manager account, you will be fine.

Therefore, Sony recommends that you use your PlayStation Plus Membership vouchers on the main or master account rather than age-gated accounts.

Things to Remember When Redeeming Free PSN Codes

  • PSN codes are always 12 digits long, no less, and no more. Therefore, the PlayStation network only accepts codes that are exactly 12 digits long. So, when you are using a free PSN code generator, make sure it generates 12 digits to determine if it’s a real PSN code generator.
  • If you have a physical card or voucher, make sure to get the silver panel covering off using a coin. Do not peel or use other abrasive items as it might damage the writing of the code and therefore make any of the digits illegible.
  • If you have a physical voucher card, make sure it is valid for your country. All PSN cards have a flag on the card to indicate the country of origin. If the country of origin does not match the country of the PlayStation Account, you cannot redeem the code through your account. Therefore, no funds will be added to your PlayStation Wallet. Hence, be careful not to get a free PSN code incompatible with your region. If you want to make sure which region your account is from, sign in to Account Management. From there, you will find the country details of your account near the bottom.
  • The funds obtained through redeeming PSN codes are non-transferrable. That is, once they have been added to your account through a voucher code, you cannot transfer the amount or funds to another account. Therefore, be very careful when redeeming codes. Ensure that you are logged into the right PSN account before heading over to redeem your free PSN code. Otherwise, you cannot spend the added funds on your desired account.

FAQ: Redeeming Free PSN Codes

Why is the Redeem Code button not working?
If the Redeem Code button does not work, navigate to the PlayStation Network Status page to verify the condition of the PlayStation network. If the network is down, you just must wait it out until the lights turn green before submitting your code again.

I tried to add additional funds to my account by redeeming codes, why is it not working?
There is a maximum fund limit on your wallet. Therefore, if you make and attempt to add excess funds to your account, it will not work. Hence, your voucher code will not be redeemed.

Can I use older PSN cards to redeem codes?
Some codes come with an expiry date. Therefore, inspect the card body carefully to ensure that your PSN codes are still valid on the day you want to redeem them.

When I try to redeem my code, why is it asking for credit card/debit card info?
Some vouchers will require you to add credit or debit card information into your account. In these cases, simply add a debit or credit card to your PlayStation Network account and you are good to go.

Why is the code redeem option asking for verification?
Some special vouchers require activation before they can be used. In this case, if you have purchased a physical PSN code voucher, please ensure that it has been activated by the store you purchased it at.

I entered my PSN code twice due to an error, why is it not working?
A voucher can only be used once. To ensure whether you have already used the PSN code you have, you can navigate to Account Management and check the transaction history of your account. This menu lists all the vouchers you have already used along with the date and time.

Conclusion – Getting the Most Out of Your Free PSN Codes

Free PSN codes are the best way to save money while getting cool things on the PlayStation Store, and given the store’s reputation in selling a lot of good digital content, you can get some excellent gear for your characters in online games, purchase extra downloadable content for your games and get exclusive offers with your PlayStation Plus membership. This guide should set you off on the right path when using free PSN code generators. And now, you know everything there is to know about free PSN codes and free PSN code generators. Therefore, use these codes to get everything you need form the PSN store. Finally, stay safe from fake free PSN code generators and only use the ones that work.