Big Data companies and where to find them

Big Data services are widely spread globally. Modern human needs to perceive and process a lot of information during the day. Also, such a person produces a lot of information, plus the information from the environment. Nowadays we are surrounded by a huge amount of data we can’t physically perceive and process. But this information can be critically important, especially for business. So, there is a set of technologies for data processing named Big Data. This is a powerful tool allowing to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and make predictions based on the input information. The input can include different data and there are Big Data scientists and analytics that can make some patterns and train the system to work appropriately. Also, Big Data allows us to work with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

As you can see, this is quite a useful tool you can work with. But how can Big Data companies be useful for the business? 

Big Data benefits

Talking about the business we always need to evaluate the revenue before the implementation of new technologies. Big Data is extremely efficient but also extremely expensive because you need to hire a team, buy a lot of computing resources for data processing and sometimes redesign current infrastructure for Big Data implementation. So, what will you have in the end?

  1. Cost reduction. It looks weird but yes, you will reduce costs with the Big Data. Huge expenses at the start will result in profit after implementation. Predictions based on Big Data analytics can significantly increase the efficiency of your business processes. As a result, you’ll spend less money and human resources on data processing, so you can redirect them to other tasks.
  2. Time savings. Big Data allows processing a lot of information very fast, so you can save an extremely lot of time. The appropriately trained neural network can make predictions fast and you can quickly make decisions based on these predictions. 
  3. Increasing the speed of internal processes. Big Data systems process the information very fast. So, you can process huge amounts of information in real-time and make your workflow more efficient.
  4. Competitiveness. Efficient data processing might remarkably distinguish you from other companies and increase competitiveness. Thus, you will be a few steps ahead of the competitors.

How to implement Big Data?

Let say, you already evaluated the revenue, counted all the expenses and decided to implement the Big Data in your company. What’s next? Well, you need a team that will implement Big Data. Such a team usually includes Big Data analytics, Big Data scientists, backend developers and other specialists. These teams work with Big Data companies or Managed Service Providers (MSP). So, to hire a team you need you will have to find an MSP.

Also, you might hire an in-house team. You should find the Big Data specialists one by one, make a lot of interviews and invest in the HR and recruitment processes. This is longer and needs more resources and time but sometimes it’s more suitable than hiring a contractor.

In-house hiring is reasonable when you have a project for years (but still MSPs can work for you for years too) or want to become an MSP company in the future. Also, this is more suitable for business owners who want to control all the processes and can’t delegate them. In this case, you might also hire a dedicated team and provide them with your in-house Project Manager.

Hiring an MSP company is quite a responsible process. You should meticulously choose the contractor to avoid the unscrupulous ones. There is a huge risk with the unreliable MSP company to spoil all the projects, so you need to choose wisely.

How to distinguish a reliable Big Data company?

There are a few tips for business owners who want to find a reliable MSP. The very first thing is to look for feedback and worldwide ratings. It would be better if you could find the real previous customers and talk with them directly about MSP’s work quality.

The experienced contractor has successful cases and can show it. Also, a good MSP company will perform the interviews with key specialists for you, like developers, Project Manager, Team Lead and others.

Final thoughts about Big Data companies

As you can understand, Big Data can be a very efficient tool for business and there are two common ways to implement it. You can hire in-house specialists or hire a dedicated team. The first variant is more expensive and longer, the second is very beneficial if you find a reliable contractor. You can find experienced Big Data companies in different worldwide ratings and through reviews from previous customers. Pay attention to the MSP’s behavior, skills of key specialists and what strategy they prefer.

The experienced and reliable Big Data company is the guarantee of your business project success.